Urgent Forklift Training and Certification – There are situations when you just need to obtain your forklift certification ASAP! Perhaps you’re going to attend an interview or a job fair and you want to walk into your appointment / event all geared up with your forklift certification. Or, perhaps you’re an employer and realize last minute that you need to obtain forklift certification for a number of individuals on your team urgently. OR, maybe you’re a stunt double for a major and well known television series, and last minute are required to obtain your forklift certification.

urgent forklift

We’ve seen it all and we’ve got the ability to fulfill those urgent forklift training and certification needs! We know things happen. Understandably, for a number of reasons, things get put off till the end or surprise us out of nowhere. However, rather than focus on the obstacles, at American Forklift Training Centers, INC., we like to be proactive and handle anything that may arise, including urgent forklift certification needs.

Accordingly, when we receive calls requesting to have members on a team, OR a stunt double, certified immediately, we have it covered. We have helped many and we can help you too!

It’s important to note, to receive proper, OSHA compliant forklift training, you must receive hands-on forklift training! In fact, whether you’ve never stepped on a forklift or you’re a highly experienced forklift operator, to have a valid, OSHA compliant forklift certification, you MUST BE EVALUATED ON A PHYSICAL FORKLIFT PER CAL OSHA AND OSHA NATIONALLY.

That said, in our book, “your convenience” is the name of the game. Therefore, whether you prefer to come to us, or would like us to come to you, we can schedule your forklift training and subsequent evaluation in little time’s notice.

Then, during training, not only will we show you how to properly and safely operate a forklift, but you’ll get to get behind the wheel and control panel and experience first-hand, what it’s like to operate a nine thousand pound machine. If you have questions or fears, no worries, we’ll be right by your side to make the training fun and informative. If you make mistakes during your training or forget a step, no worries…in our safe and controlled environment, we’ll leverage those mistakes for learning opportunities. We’re confident, that by completing our forklift training, you’ll be confident in operating a forklift.

Afterwards, to ensure that you receive a valid forklift certification, we will evaluate your skills on an actual forklift.  But don’t worry, we promise that we’ll teach you everything you need to know first!

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a jam and realize that you need to obtain your forklift training immediately (or if you just want to obtain urgent forklift training and earn your forklift certification), then please don’t hesitate to contact us. From individuals to onsite trainings, to even Hollywood productions and more, we are happy to help you in any way we can and quickly get you that forklift training and certification your urgently seek.

If you have any questions, please contact us today, at (323) 620-7000.