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Forklift Certification & Training

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For Our Unmatched Contribution & Expert Forklift Training, Certification, & Job Assistance!

With American Forklift Training Centers, INC. you can obtain your forklift certification in as little as 45 minutes. During such time, we can also submit your information to over 200 agencies, quickly increasing your chances of landing a new job, for more pay, and/or working closer to home. Moreover, these agencies are at your finger tips whenever you like, just by making a phone call to us.

We offer classes in English and Spanish!
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Forklift Certification Catered to You!

Company-Wide Forklift Training & Certification

Eliminate the need for off-site training, let us come to you with our 15+ years of on-site forklift training experience. Not only can our OSHA compliant program train and certify your employees to safely and properly operate a forklift at an affordable rate and in little time, but it will allow you to save substantially on unnecessary forklift repairs and improve company productivity.

Individual Forklift Training & Certification

Start earning a better living by enrolling in American Forklift’s affordable forklift operator training and become certified. Upon earning you certification, we will send your info to hundreds of agencies in So Cal, encouraging them to call and offer YOU jobs in your area. Take the class now and simultaneously apply to these agencies! We are located in Commerce, CA.

Forklift Training & Certification Renewal

Is it time to renew your forklift certification? Renew with American Forklift today. We’ll quickly get you back to safely and properly operating a forklift with a valid certification, as well as offer you the BEST quality job assistance program by forwarding your information to hundreds of So Cal agencies to help you land a new job opportunity, more pay, or a position closer to home.


Looking for a job? Want to make more money? Seeking a job closer to home? We can help you! We have partnered up with hundreds of So Cal agencies and upon receiving your forklift certification or renewing with us, we will send your information to the companies and agencies hiring in your sought area!




Looking for a job? We’ve partnered up with hundreds of companies and agencies. Therefore, upon receiving your certification from American Forklift Certification, INC., we’ll forward your information to the companies and agencies hiring in your area.

Not only can we train and certify you as a forklift operator, but you’d be amazed at how many doors open and opportunities arise once you receive your certification from us. That’s one way we stand out from the crowd. We know that being certified is one thing and finding a job is another.

For that, we are here to provide you with job assistance, resources, and access to industry connections to help you find and grow in your career.


15+ Years of On-Site Training Experience!


When you need your team trained and certified in forklift operations, American Forklift is your go-to solution. With your convenience in mind, our OSHA compliant training program can be brought to your location so employees won’t have to travel off-site.  Our affordable, Forklift Certification is designed to provide an extensive, yet cost-effective curriculum, to quickly train and certify your employees (regardless of size).

With our 15+ years of experience doing on-site certification and training, we have repeatedly witnessed forklift operators improperly operating forklifts; causing damage to clutches, parking brakes, and requiring unnecessary forklift repairs. Accordingly, not only do we correct forklift operators, but by doing so, we have saved companies thousands of dollars in major forklift repairs.

Let us help you reach your forklift certification and training goals, call us.


Really good teacher and awesome place to get trained, they will have working literally the day getting the license or next day like me. Already working and barely got my license yesterday.
Forklift image representing student review
Jeremy Guerrero
Great place to get forklift certificate. I went in to get certified and they got me a high paying job ready to start the next day.
Forklift student's review
Nohemi Moreno
Very professional, walk-in got forklift certified & came out with a new job. I’m happy. I strongly recommend everyone to come a get forklift certified. My buddy J will help you out A.S.A.P.
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