Hiring Forklift Operators – We have exciting news for forklift operators looking for more money or those considering obtaining their forklift certification. Here in Los Angeles County, the number of employers and agencies hiring forklift operators is on the rise exponentially. In fact, we are constantly hearing from our hiring partners that they cannot fill the demand quick enough.

hiring forklift operators

So why is it that an employer may be seeking 20 to 50 forklift operators at a time? Why is there such a rise in companies contacting us seeking licensed forklift operators?

It’s simple and the answer is twofold.  First of all, as you may have seen driving around, due to our stronger economic market, Southern California is popping up more distribution centers and warehouses. Businesses are leveraging the Internet and taking advantage of ecommerce (i.e. checkout the growth in Amazon). Accordingly, with an explosive rise in ecommerce and a stronger warehouse industry, the demand for forklift operators is on the rise. In fact, a study by Indeed has shown that from 2014 to 2018, job postings for forklift operators have doubled!

Now, the second part is due to our relationship with the local hiring agencies and employers. Time after time, we continue to match qualified and skilled licensed forklift operators to open positions, thus proving ourselves and our students. Companies know, when they hire a forklift operator licensed by American Forklift, they will save time, money, and resources from having to train new hires.

They will be confident in our referral as they have experienced how our licensees continue to prove to have the skill-set and knowledge to increase warehouse efficiency and reduce liability, damages, and accidents. They know that part of our program is designed to create forklift operators that have the ability to help a company’s bottom line and decrease downtime.

The opportunities in this field are huge and the job growth has never been better! To learn more about taking advantage of this exciting opportunity or if you are an employer or agency on the hunt for qualified and licensed forklift operators, please don’t hesitate to contact us as well. Please contact us or call (323) 620-7000.