Forklift Instructors

American Forklift Training Centers, Inc. Forklift Instructors – At times, learning a new skill can be challenging and frustrating. With over twenty two years of forklift experience, our instructors, however, have a unique ability and teaching strategy that clarifies even the most convoluted topics. With a passion for forklift operations and a desire for helping others, we make it our mission to help each and every student leave the training confident and motivated to execute their new found knowledge and skills.

We understand what it takes to elevate forklift training to the next level. We are attentive, patient, detail oriented, organized, and creative. We understand that learning how to operate a forklift may not be easy for everyone. Therefore, with an attentive eye and an alert ear, we have a gift for determining what students are grasping and what they are struggling with – so in turn we can customize our teaching style and instructions to what works best for them to learn how to properly and safely operate a forklift.

Most importantly, we stand apart from other forklift trainers by our ability in breaking down and simplifying the most difficult concepts in such a manner that they make much better sense and become easy to understand. Take learning how to operate the stand-up forklift, for instance. At first, many struggle with the stand-up forklift and wish to give up. Without a cushioned seat to rest on and requiring to use a joystick to steer the lift as opposed to a steering wheel and levers, can make learning to operating the stand-up forklift less comfortable and more frustrating. With our patience, ability to simplify instructions, and twenty years of stand-up and stand-up reach experience, our students generally end up preferring to operate the stand-up forklift over the sitdown.

To learn how to operate a forklift with our instructors, call American Forklift Training Centers, Inc. today.