Love your job & your job will love you.

Love your job

They say, the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. That’s equivalent to 3,750 days! Can you imagine spending all that time at a job that is frustrating, not rewarding, and essentially draining every ounce of your energy? It would be nuts to waste away at a job that you do not enjoy, find the environment toxic, or have just reached a point where growth is limited. 

As logical as it may seem, you’d be surprised how many individuals find themselves on such a hamster wheel – living their life on autopilot, and everyday dreading waking up to rush to a job they don’t like (or are just tolerating), aren’t growing in, and/or losing themselves and their self-respect – all of which to then return home, go to bed, and repeat.  

Luckily, we can say first hand that we’ve met many students once stuck on this whirlwind – who we were able to help out AND give them the skills, training, and resources they need to begin a new career, as well as feel life, energy, and purpose again. 

If you’ve been reading our other blogs, you may have come across our stories of such past students as the security guard who was struggling financially and unable to grow in his career. Or, you may have read the story of the restaurant worker who unfortunately spent one too many days in a negative work environment – pushing through life frustrated and with little hope. Or, you may have read the stories of our students who were in dire need of making a change and finding a new job, not only for themselves, but to be able to better support their family.  

You see, all these success stories started with one act. They came across our website, our reviews, or from a referral – and then they took the chance of picking up the phone and giving us a call. From there, it’s all success.

They obtained their forklift certificate from American Forklift Training Centers, INC. and then we offered them job assistance. As you may know, we’ve partnered up with hundreds of So Cal agencies. Accordingly, once certified, we sent their information to the companies and agencies hiring in their sought area. At which point, the doors of opportunity quickly opened. 

Students have (and even during this pandemic continue to) find job opportunities in the forklift industry with their American Forklift Training Centers, INC. forklift certification. 

Their life changed and so can yours! In addition to finding themselves earning more pay, experiencing greater opportunities, and working at better locations – students have stated:

  1. They’ve found themselves in more fulfilling roles post forklift certification. Therefore, their increased happiness is radiating not only professionally, but also personally. 
  2. They feel more productive, motivated, inspired, and with a greater drive to excel. In turn, their passion and positivity shines in their performance and work-life balance – not only bringing good to their employer, but also their home. 
  3. They’ve become an inspiration for others who were also stuck in dead-end jobs, by showing them that if they’re not happy at work, there is hope. You just have to believe that you can make a change.  

In short, if you don’t love your job, know that you can make a change. First step, however, pick up your phone and call American Forklift Training Centers, INC. today! (323) 620-7000