Forklift Record

Forklift World Record – Forklifts, often the unsung heroes of material handling, have not only transformed industries but have also etched their place in Guinness World Records. In this blog, we’ll explore exceptional records achieved by forklift operators, uncovering the impressive stats that set these feats apart in precision, strength, and versatility.

Forklift World Records:

Longest Forklift Pallet Relay

On September 15, 2018, LMV Automotive Systems, a division of Magna International (USA), based in Liberty, Missouri, USA, established a remarkable record for the longest forklift pallet relay. The achievement involved an impressive 126 consecutive passes and was accomplished by a skilled team of six drivers. View Record

Largest Forklift Truck

In 1991, the company Kalmar LMV in Lidhult, Sweden, produced three counterbalanced forklift trucks designed for lifting massive loads up to 198,000 lb at a load center of 7.87 ft. These specialized forklifts were specifically crafted to contribute to a significant infrastructure project involving two separate pipelines. One pipeline stretched 620 miles from Sarir to the Gulf of Sirte, while the other covered a distance of 557 miles from Tazirbu to Benghazi, both located in Libya. View Recorad

Smallest Forklift Truck

The Institute of Microtechnology Mainz, in collaboration with MicroToys e.V EXPO, designed the tiniest motorized fork-lift truck, measuring 1.31 inches in length, 0.94 inches in height, and 0.64 inches in width. View Record

Fastest Forklift Truck Wheel Change

On September 22, 2018, in Aschaffenburg, Germany, a team of skilled individuals from Germany, including Nicola Dill, Bastian Bott, Berkün Cin, Tobias Trabolt, Alex Hartmann, Christian Wirzberger, Marvin Maidhof, and Phillip Sell, collectively achieved the fastest forklift truck wheel change in an impressive 1 minute and 9 seconds. This noteworthy accomplishment was part of an event organized by Linde Material Handling GmbH and took place on the final day of the StaplerCup, a three-day championship for forklift truck drivers held at Schlossplatz in Aschaffenburg. View Record

Most Coupe Glasses Stacked with a Forklift

On January 9, 2016, during the recording of CCTV – Guinness World Records Special in Beijing, China, An Liqiang from China accomplished the record for the highest number of coupe glasses stacked with a forklift, reaching a total of 16. View Record

These Guinness World Records not only celebrate the capabilities of forklifts but also set benchmarks for future operators to aspire to. From lifting colossal weights to reaching breathtaking heights, these records showcase the dynamic and multifaceted nature of forklift operations. As the forklift industry continues to evolve, these records stand as a testament to the innovation, skill, and determination within the world of material handling. To learn more about forklift operations, contact us today.