Onsite Forklift Training, Commerce – If you’re an employer overseeing forklift operations as part of your business’s daily grind, then you probably are aware of the importance of ensuring the health and safety of your employees. Regardless of the size of your company, you most likely know that such a responsibility must not only be taken seriously to protect your team, but it is also essential to avoid legal ramifications.

This is one reason why onsite forklift training is so important. Besides the need to avoid forklift related accidents, onsite forklift training is crucial to avoid accidents that can lead to death, life changing injuries, as well as let’s not forget to mention the damage that can emerge on your trucks, infrastructure, and products. In short, this means reduced productivity and increased costs.

According to OSHA, about 70% of accidents can be avoided just with proper forklift training and safety procedures. Reason being, the three most common causes of accidents are forklifts overturning, workers being struck or pinned, and workers falling off the forklift. OSHA takes this seriously, as they should.

Just checkout these Top 10 Forklift Accidents showing why onsite forklift training is so important!

Therefore, all forklift operators must be properly forklift certified before operating a forklift. In fact, when it is discovered that a forklift operator does not hold a valid forklift certification, OSHA penalizes the company, and penalizes them big.

Serious violations can cost you $12,934 per violation!
Failure to abate violations can cost you $12,934 per day beyond the abatement date!
AND…willful or repeated violations can COST you $129,336 per violation! (That’s right, six figures!)

At American Forklift Training Centers, INC., not only do we offer forklift training and forklift certification in our Commerce, CA and other Los Angeles County locations, but we can come to you too! With our comprehensive, on-site forklift training and forklift certification program, your employees can know how to properly operate a forklift in as little as 1.5 hours. In turn, you can reduce and avoid forklift related accidents, damage, and costs.

With hands-on forklift training, they can learn how to correctly pick-up, transport, stack, and unstack loads. More importantly, with easy and fun instructions, students will learn the details necessary to avoid such hazards as improper handling, maneuvering, mast positioning, fork positioning, lifting, and tiering that may cause tipping over, dropping items, striking objects, and the like.

You see, we can’t stress enough the importance of the necessity for your company and your employees to make sure that your forklift operators are continuously holding a valid forklift certification and have the necessary knowledge to operate a forklift. Forklifts are not a joke and if your operators are not careful when accelerating, turning, stopping, raising/lowering loading, transporting, etc…the vehicle can tip over, the load can fall, and someone or something can get hurt!

These trucks can weigh 3 times what an average car weighs. They’re heavier in the rear to counter the weight of carrying their load in the front. They don’t have brakes, but instead have stopping power in their front drive wheels. In other words, with a rear counterweight and the front-wheel drive, these pieces of equipment can be hard to stop. They can swing outwards when turning corners. They can tip over. Accidents can happen and do happen!

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