Forklift Certification – This is the success story of Paul.forklift certificationPaul moved to Southern California from back East about 2 years ago. Although he had a military background and great work ethics, he struggled with finding work. Most jobs he came across paid minimum wage – or at best, slightly more. Additionally, due to the CoronaVirus (Covid19) pandemic, most positions were not hiring for full time employment. They were seeking part-time and/or temporary employees, and given that Paul also didn’t have a vehicle of his own at the time, it added one more stress on top of it all – as if he took a part-time job, he would have to find something that would give him enough time to walk/bus to the next job.

All this was too much and the icing on the cake took place not too long ago, on Paul’s 30th birthday. While a time of celebration, Paul’s landlord definitely gave him a surprise…a substantial rent hike. What was he going to do – he thought. His latest job, as a security guard wouldn’t cover rent. Not only was he getting paid the bare minimum, but it was part-time and he was required to work all odd hours. Paul’s fiancé also lived with him, however, due to Covid19, she had also lost her job as a personal trainer months prior.

Well, scrolling online one day, Paul came across our website. “Forklift operator?” he thought. Paul didn’t have a background in operating forklifts, but what caught his eye was that there were other stories of folks who changed industries (i.e. from security) and stepped into warehousing and forklift operations – subsequently finding success and a new life.

After researching the local forklift schools, Paul ultimately decided to pick us, American Forklift Training Centers, INC. As Paul explained, he was drawn to the fact that we offered hands-on training (and since Paul never stepped foot on a forklift before, he really appreciated that). Furthermore, after speaking to the various forklift schools, Paul could right away tell that not only did we offer comprehensive, OSHA compliant forklift training, but we had a more caring and nurturing teaching style. Given that Paul was new to the industry, he valued the fact that our school is known for holding our student’s hands, per se, and teaching them step-by-step at their own pace at how to operate a forklift – so upon certification they have the confidence to proceed with their new skills. Finally, Paul uncovered that we also offer true job assistance for our students. Given that Paul already is experienced in how time-consuming and difficult job hunting can be – as he stated, he’d “love any help he can get.”

Paul came in and we trained him on how to safely and operate a forklift. We then certified him, and upon certification we were sending his information to the companies and agencies hiring in his sought area! However, right before Paul left, we received an email from one of our local hiring partners seeking a full-time forklift operator (as we always do). Immediately we gave Paul’s info and even before Paul made it home that day, the agency called him for an over the phone interview. Things went great, as Paul had just landed a Full-Time job as a forklift operator making $5 more an hour than what he was previously making as a security guard. Furthermore, the warehouse was only 3 miles away from his home – an easy walking/biking distant.

Paul was ecstatic and rushed home to tell his fiancé. Little did he know…she had her only big news to share. Paul told her that all their financial stress was coming to an end, not only did he earn his forklift certification, but he already found a new job earning a lot more, and his new job was not only full-time (w/ overtime), but it was only 3 miles from home. They were both so happy…but as mentioned, she had her own news. As Paul’s fiancé was in tear of joy, she gave him a huge hug and said the timing is beyond great. She placed his hand on her stomach and told him that they’re having a baby!

Congratulations Paul!!!

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