Forklift Accidents – Approximately 90% of all forklifts in the United States will be involved in some sort of forklift accident over its useful life (approximately over eight years). About 11% of all active forklifts in the United States will be involved in some sort of forklift accident each year. Why such numbers? Forklift accidents can arise from improper training, inexperienced forklift operators, distracted forklift operators, and malfunctioning equipment.

Not only do forklift accidents lead to injuries, but they can be quite costly for all involved (i.e. damaged products and equipment).

To share some facts and figures:

61,800 non-serious injuries a year are from forklift accidents.

34,900 serious injuries are from forklift accidents.

85 deaths each year are from forklift accidents.

1 in 6 workplace deaths are from forklift accidents.

42% of forklift deaths are from an overturning forklift.

That said, OSHA estimates that 70% of forklift accidents in the United States can be prevented if companies implemented more stringent training policies.

If you are familiar with our forklift training program, then  you know that we are a strong believer in offering hands-on, comprehensive training – providing you with the latest knowledge and training on forklift operations, loading, unloading, stacking, tiering, safety, workplace hazards, driving, maneuvering, tractor trailing loading/unloading, and more.

For some, learning a new skill can be overwhelming. That’s why, as your instructor, we like to be patient, encouraging, and motivating so you can complete your forklift training not only forklift certified, but also confident to operate a forklift safely, properly, and efficiently.

Now, as mentioned above, proper hands-on training is one of the best ways to prevent common forklift accidents. Carrying an improper load, elevated loads, changes in floor gradient, narrow aisles, sharp turns, as well as nearby objects and pedestrians are all accidents waiting to happen. However, at American Forklift Certification, INC., before you receive your forklift certification, you have the opportunity to step onto a forklift and learn how to avoid such risks.

forklift accidents

OSHA advises forklift operators to stay at or below 5 miles per hour. Too often, however, drivers ignore this rule and before they know it, come face to face with another forklift, product, or pedestrian. With a shortened reaction time, a forklift accident is waiting to happen.

Or, we have seen improperly “trained forklift” operators traveling with too elevated of a load. The problem with this is that elevated loads make it harder to see, the forklift harder to control, and the equipment’s weight imbalanced.  Consequently, this can lead to the forklift tipping over or  crashes. OSHA encourages forklift operators to carry loads near the ground – approximately 4 inches from the floor.

Other accidents waiting to happen are from turning corners too fast and causing the rear wheels to swing outward and the forklift to overturn.

Furthermore, mechanical failures have been known to cause forklift accidents. Therefore, at American Forklift Certification, INC. we also teach students how to correctly inspect and maintain the forklift, as well as how to navigate around the engine, motor operation, control, and instrumentation.

If you’re looking to learn how to operate a forklift and earn your forklift certification and/or have your employees properly trained to reduce workplace hazards, please contact us today. 323-620-7000