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Advance Your Career – In our last blog, we discussed the importance of investing in yourself so you can advance your career. If that blog wasn’t enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons to invest in yourself to earn your forklift certification from American Forklift Training Centers, INC. and advance your career.

1) It’s the Greatest Return on Investment
The return on investing in forklift training and improving yourself is immensely great. From increased lifetime earning power and vast opportunities, to protecting yourself from unemployment and the satisfaction that comes from personal growth and success, the returns are enormous. As mentioned previously, certification programs for other industries may cost $350 to $400, as well as additional costs for gear; but individuals (i.e. security guards) generally only earn minimum wage. In certain rare occasions, they may earn $14 to $16 an hour. Conversely, we’ve seen our forklift operators receive offers for $22 an hour, with much less of an investment for the required training and certification. Furthermore, individuals who have started out as forklift operators have quickly climbed up the ladder into managerial roles, earning six figure salaries! That’s a great return on investment.

2) You Become More Valuable
At American Forklift Training Centers, INC., we offer forklift certifications for a variety of forklifts. Although you do not need to obtain your forklift certification for each and every forklift in existence, the more certifications you do hold, however, will make you more valuable and marketable. For example, if a company uses two types of forklifts for their everyday operations, they would prefer to hire one who is certified in both types of forklifts as opposed to hiring a different person for each. And of course, the bigger the asset you are, the quicker you can advance.

3) You Can Create Your Own Future and Achieve Your Goals
Your career and life goals are far too important to be just wishes. A professional life without a plan can derail your life goals. However, by investing in yourself and your future, you’ll gain the skills, confidence, clarity, power, and tools to create your path for success. Yes, sometimes the idea of investing in yourself can seem risky, BUT, that’s a minimal price of entry for the success and happiness received.

4) You’re Not Alone
At American Forklift Training Centers, INC., we put in a lot of effort to make sure you know you’re not alone. We are here to support and help you along your professional journey as a forklift operator. Whether you’re just entering the industry or need to renew, we want you to rest assure that we will guide you every step of the way so that you can safely, properly, and confidently earn your certification to operate a forklift. Also, we’ve partnered up with hundreds of So Cal agencies – where upon receiving your certification (or renewing with us), we will send your information to the companies and agencies hiring in your sought area to help you quickly increase your chances of landing a new job, for more pay, and/or a better opportunity closer to home. Furthermore, these agencies will be at your finger tips whenever you like, just by making a phone call to us. And if that’s not enough, we also host regular job fairs, where you can have the opportunity to attend to build your network and personal relationships with hiring managers and agencies

5) Become The Cutting Edge of Your Field
As discussed previously, complacency and doing things the way you’ve always done them not only brings the same results, but it can lead to obsolescence and elimination. We don’t care what your background is, where you’re from, or what your experience may hold, if you want to advance in this industry into a successful six figure salary, you can. However, first you must acquire the training, skills, and certification to confidently and correctly operate a forklift. Furthermore, if you choose to obtain additional certificates, so you can increase your value and be more marketable, you will soon realize that you can be the cream of the crop in your field and a sought after asset.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in yourself, invest in your career, and find yourself earning the greatest return possible – both now and in the future. Build your career capital by investing in your future, and subsequently increasing your value for your current and future employers.

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