Forklift Certification – 2020 has been something else, but a new year is in the horizon and there is no better time to invest in your future than now.forklift certificationsBefore we dive in too deeply into this blog, we’d like YOU to take a moment and consider,  in respect to your finances, what is your driving force for the new year? Are you looking for a job? More money? Greater job stability? How about to work closer to home? Perhaps higher pay to save for a new home? A new car? Pay off debts? Maybe find a job with benefits? Have wiggle room to put money aside into a savings?

You see, the new year brings about many opportunities and paths you can take, but which is right for you? Some choose to go back to school. Although higher education is always a wonderful path, for many, school may not be the easiest path, particularly after considering the time and funds required to invest.

Others may choose to earn a specialized certification, such as becoming a certified security guard. However, as we’ve seen in many of our students – who come from the security industry – when compared to positions as forklift operators, the pay for a security guard isn’t great and the job outlook is weak. In fact, not only is it harder for a security guard to move up to a six figure salary, but given the economic consequences arising from COVID, there is a greater chance of job loss.

For instance, with social distancing becoming the new norm, stores and businesses are closing earlier. In turn, fewer security officers are required on premises, leading to fewer job openings and layoffs.

Conversely, positions such as forklift operations and those in the warehouse industry are on the rise. One reason, given that more individuals are turning to online shopping, fulfillment centers are required to up their game and hire more forklift operators to handle demand.

Accordingly, we can’t stress it enough, this is the time to invest in your future and learn a new skill – forklift operations. When compared to other career paths were jobs are being eliminated, forklift operations is standing strong and there’s no better place to obtain your forklift certification than American Forklift Training Centers, INC.

American Forklift Training Centers, INC. is a full service company. Not only do we take our time to properly train you on how to safely and effectively operate a forklift, but given our O.S.H.A. compliant, hands-on training, we strive to make you feel comfortable and confident on the forklift.

Furthermore, not only are our forklift certifications valid anywhere in the United States, but we have partnered with over 140 agencies to help you become employed. From sending your information out to hiring companies and agencies in your area, to hosting job fairs dedicated to forklift positions, we want to make sure to get you in front of hiring managers.

Such dedication and commitment to the community is one of the reasons we are recognized by Los Angeles County for our “unmatched contribution to [their] Supplemental Certified Forklift Training Program” and we want to continue to not only make them proud, BUT to bring YOU VALUE.

It’s almost 2021. All it takes is one phone call to (323) 620-7000 and we can take care of the rest – to help you earn your forklift certification and start your new career path to great success.