Forklift Test Tips – As discussed in previous blogs, becoming a forklift operator is not only a wonderful career choice, but it can be quite rewarding and full of opportunities. Becoming a forklift operator, however, requires more than just passing a job interview. You have to become trained and forklift certified.
Forklift Test TipsPer OSHA, it is mandatory for all forklift operators to be properly trained and certified before they are permitted to operate heavy equipment. In fact, due to inflation, fines have also increased. According to OSHA, any employer who knowingly or repeatedly violates the forklift training and certification requirements may be fined $13,494 for each day the violation continues beyond the cure date up to a maximum of $134,937. Moreover, any person who makes a false statement, representation, or claim of certification – in any form, may be fined up to $13,494 and/or imprisoned for up to six months.

As you can see, OSHA doesn’t play around. There are severe consequences for not obtaining a valid forklift certification. Accordingly, obtaining a valid forklift certification requires forklift training and a practical test. If the latter sounds stressful, don’t worry. Here at American Forklift Training Centers, INC., we want to help you pass confidently, so you may enter the field knowledgeable and capable! To help ease your stress, we’ve list a few forklift test tips for your practical test:

1) You should carry out safe driving practices, which includes wearing your seat belt, driving at appropriate speeds, using turn signals, slowing down where appropriate, observing surroundings, navigating through aisles and spaces diligently and with increased awareness for any obstructions / hazards, as well as parking in designated parking zones.

2) Know the forklift’s engine and motor operation, control, and instrumentation.

3) Acknowledge the maximum load capacity of your forklift, handle the correct capacity, secure the load properly, lift and maneuver the load appropriately, stack and tier rightly, and unload carefully.

4) Discover the stability triangle and know how to apply it to your forklift.

5) Know proper protocols to refuel / recharge a forklift.

6) Know what attributes make your forklift unique and the proper inspection, maintenance, and operation procedures.

7) Be aware of the environment you will be operating your forklift in, such as whether there are any hazards presents, including areas which pedestrians move regularly.

8) Furthermore, take note of any other hazards / protocols you may face while operating a forklift.

9) Finally, step onto the forklift confidently, knowing that after you have gone through proper forklift training, you will be equipped to take and pass your forklift certification assessment.

Hopefully you find these forklift test tips helpful. Again, at American Forklift Training Centers, INC., we want you to enter your forklift career with the know how and confidence to not only obtain a job, but to grow within your career. We want you to be successful, not only because as a graduate from our forklift school it speaks well about our school, but because we want to bring you and yours success and happiness.

If you have any questions regarding obtaining your forklift certification or the assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact us: (323) 620-7000.