Driver’s License

Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not require forklift operators to have a driver’s license – having driving experience can certainly be helpful. Not only do many businesses require their forklift operators to have a valid driver’s license, but having one indicates that you have driving experience and subsequently you know how to maneuver a vehicle, accelerate, brake, steer using a wheel, back-up, understand traffic safety, handle heavy machinery, and possibly have some of the skills needed to safely operate a forklift.

Given that at American Forklift Training Centers, Inc. we take safety very seriously, we require our students to have experience driving a car as a prerequisite for forklift training. A slight forklift incident or accident can damage the equipment, destroy the load, and of course cause serious injuries to the operator and others – including fatalities. Accordingly, to prevent such consequences, we have set in place high standards for our forklift training programs, including having a driving experience as a prerequisite to forklift training. This requirement helps us further ensure that our students graduate with the skills, hands-on experience, and confidence to properly and safely operate a forklift. 

That said, although we require driving experience as a prerequisite to forklift training, knowing how to drive a car doesn’t mean that you know how to operate a forklift. While there are similarities between a forklift and a car, there are also quite a few differences. For one, forklifts have different controls compared to a car. Second, they move differently. Third, not only are a forklift’s rear wheels used to steer, but forklift’s are heavier, and travel at a much slower rate. Fourth, forklift operators have to drive in reverse because the front view is generally obstructed. Fifth, forklifts aren’t as responsive as a car, since a forklift’s rear steering make it harder to stop a forklift quickly and swerve.

Therefore, not only is having driving experience recommended, but undergoing forklift training and earning your forklift certificate is necessary. 

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