Forklift Renewal – We’d like to take a moment and thank our incredible students! We know when it comes to selecting a school for forklift training, many options are available. Our students, however, have not only chosen us to receive forklift training and earn their forklift certification, but time after time, our students have chosen us to renew their forklift certification and take advantage of the job assistance and opportunities we provide. 

In California, and in the US in general, in addition to OSHA’s required performance evaluations, forklift renewal training is required when a forklift operator has been observed to operate a forklift unsafely, been in an accident, almost caused an accident, is assigned a different type of forklift to operate, or the forklift operator’s workplace conditions have changed. 

We are so grateful, that when it comes to meeting OSHA’s performance evaluation requirements, or when our past students are in need of renewal training, they choose us,  American Forklift Training Centers, Inc., for their forklift renewal. 

We are also so pleased to witness, the success our students have had with our job assistance program.  In fact, so many of you guys have told us that a major motivation for continuing to come back to us to renew – in addition to the fun and incredible training – is our job assistance program.  We have helped, and continue to help, students find their first job, land a job making more money, or get a job closer to home.

Our success has been our students’ success – and we are so happy. If you’ve ever sought a job and have applied to an online job posting, then you may have experienced the difficulty that comes with online job seeking.  Applying to endless applications can be time consuming and tedious, and when you hardly get a response, it can be frustrating and discouraging. 

On a side note, online job hunting is no walk in the park for employers as well.  Partnered up with hundreds of So Cal agencies, our partnering hiring companies and agencies have shared how grateful they are to have us as well.  When an employer is seeking to fill a position and therefore have posted up an opening online, they receive hundreds, if not thousands, of applications. The hiring manager, then must sift through them all quickly (in between their regular job tasks), spending just a few seconds reviewing each resume.  They admit that given the numerous applications and limited time, they tend to skip over valuable candidates and neglect small details written on resumes. 

We, however, are able to recommend and vouch for our students that they truly have been properly trained and are certified. In essence, we act as a middleman,  doing the legwork for our students, giving them more visibility, identifying open positions, and providing hiring agencies recruits meeting the skills and experience they seek.  Therefore, on many occasions, when companies and agencies are searching for forklift operators, they don’t even advertise the job online. In other words, our students have access to unadvertised positions, that the public may not have easy access to. 

In conclusion, whether it’s for purposes of renewal training or an OSHA required performance evaluation – we are here and available to help you with your forklift recertification. To learn more, please  Contact Us Today!