Forklift Operations Post CoronaVirus, A Rising Demand – Many companies entered 2020 with optimism and plans to expand. The hotel, construction, and airline industries, for example, had climbed to some of their highest levels. Retail sales in December were up for a third straight month. Additionally, consumer spending reached an annual record of $13.28 trillion in 2019.Forklift Operations In Demand Post CoronaVirusHowever, the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) then hit, bringing businesses to an instant halt – forcing companies to close their doors for weeks / months, employees to be furloughed and/or laid off, budgets to shrink, and the necessity to shift business models quickly. As the pain swelled outward, sector after sector felt the stress. In fact, reports indicate that the country’s unemployment rate is now at levels not seen since the Great Depression.

The coronavirus has put at least 33 million people out of work and economists are warning that the unemployment rate of nearly 15% doesn’t fully reflect the pandemic’s toll on the workforce.

Although Southern California is beginning to open back up and lift lock downs, the reality is, in the months and years ahead, we will see a hollowing out of industries and jobs. With a new way of thinking and safety requirement measures to consider, companies are going to change how they spend their money, sell goods, and run their businesses. Unfortunately, for many companies this has all added costs and obstacles that have and will continues to lead to job cuts (i.e. in the office, retail, and face to face sales arenas).

For instance, amid stay-at-home orders across the country and fears of subsequent stages of the pandemic, not only will office workers continue to ditch their daily commute to work for working from home, but white-collar workers, who make up a greater share of the economy will increasingly get caught in layoffs and furloughs. Middle management positions will also begin to be eliminated, as experienced during the 2008 global financial crisis. Furthermore, with social distancing in mind, retail stores and restaurants will also take great measures to minimize human interaction, thus leading to additional job cuts.

Futurists have been warning that one day robots will steal human’s jobs. Well, this is foreseen to happen sooner than expected – as businesses from restaurants to retailers will move towards digitalization, automation, and operational plans requiring as few employees physically present as possible.

Post pandemic, we will see a significant need for massive skill acquiring and retraining. This isn’t the time to settle for general positions and basic skills. We are facing a serious turn in our economy, and it’s more important than ever to invest in personal development and skill building.

Notably, the pandemic has led to a boom in online shopping, an increase in e-commerce, and a growth in warehousing and logistics. Experts predict these trends will be accelerated post pandemic to align with our new times. Accordingly, jobs within the supply chain, like forklift operators and logisticians will see an increased demand in the future ahead. While other industries are seeing eliminations, such jobs can see 5% growth over the coming years. Reason being, consumers are wary of congregating in public spaces, thus they’re opting to shop online rather than head to the store.

This is the time to better your self! This is the time to earn your forklift certification. If you think about it, it’s quite simple. The better you become, the more marketable you are and the less time it will take to achieve your goals. In other words, instead of settling and entering into a general labor warehouse position, invest in obtaining your forklift certification. Not only will you have a leg up with forklifts, but you can start out with a higher salary and finding greater opportunities.

For instance, with the increasing demands, there is a greater need for logisticians – those who oversee and manage supply chains, including warehousing and distribution. Well, by earning your forklift certification, not only will you be more marketable for this position, but per BLS, you can earn substantially more and tend to work more regular hours.

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